cold mornings...and warm kitchens

*warning: this post will not have the sharp, clear pictures of yesterday's. It will instead be images taken from my cell just squint and use your imagination* In order to kindly be the taste tester around here, I am having to step up my work outs (which basically means, work out!) So, I am dragging my butt, kicking and screaming to the gym...or to my living room to do my kick boxing dvd. This morning I had plans to meet a friend at the gym- very early. I was dreading it at first, but once I got up and going, I felt great. (my mango strawberry smoothie) (It did help that my hubby started the car and even made me a fruit smoothie- sweetest man on the planet). (my sunny drive home) It was soooo soooo cold outside, but the sun was shining and it was really beautiful out. (sunshine and frost on the windows) We played raquetball, biked, jogged did some weights and ended the workout with a nice steam...ah...great way to start the day. I am sold! Then pollywog and I made some Christmas sugar cookies. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, making sure to test out the sprinkles before they went on. We made a fun mess! and yummy cookies to work off tomorrow!