Happy Birthday my dearest son!

I would love to fill this post with sweet baby pictures of you... wild and muddy little boy photos...scraped knees, pet frogs, toothless grins and rosy cheeks...but you have a reputation to keep! I mean, really mom, "I'm fourteen now." Thankfully all of those precious moments that went by far too fast, our safely tucked away in scrapbooks and in the treasure boxes of my mind. Writing this birthday post has proven hard for me. You see, we have so much history together. We have grown up together, we have been a team, we've comforted each other, have had many adventures. We know each other well because we are practically twins...(my mother warned me that I would see one day what I put her through :D ) Thankfully, you are wiser than I was at your age. Thankfully, you have a heart of gold. Thankfully, I know all the tricks ;) I remember holding you as a baby, contemplating your future. Thinking about how one day you would be a boy, a teen, and one day a full grown man leaving our nest. Time is going by faster and faster and sometimes I just want to stop it. But I can't, so dad and I encourage your growth, support your many wonders and ideas, and bask in our pride for you. I am so thankful for the wonderful relationship you and your father have. Especially as you enter these teen years. Buddies for life! It's so neat watching the two of you do "man" things. Like Man Night, fishing, playing video games, darts, target practice, building things, night time bike rides...the list goes on and on... CJ: always excited hilarious humor wise beyond your years kind loves to teach and guide full of so many ideas creative witty brave athlete encouraging wild nature boy great with animals good friend great big brother always trying to do your best adventurous and really cool I leave you with the words I have been saying to you since you were a tiny bean in my arms. "I love you more than all the sand on the beaches, more than all the stars in the sky, more than all the water in the ocean. That is how much I love you." Happy Birthday!