Happy Birthday sweet baby girl

I remember the day I found out I would be having you!!!Happiness beyond happiness! You are a thousands smiles a day... You are snuggles, and sugar sweetness, kisses and all things girly... You are spunky,goofy, independent, strong, and a bit of a stinker (which sends you into giggles when we call you that) You are inquisitive, brilliant, smart- a thinker... Some things that you love to do: -sing... if mommy is singing you quickly join in and on key I might add-but- often I watch you sing as you play, sit in the car looking out the window, taking care of your baby doll, when you think no one is looking. Then you see us smiling brightly at you and you laugh. - dance...you have had dancing feet since before you were mobile. If there is a tune or a beat you are moving. I love turning music on and dancing with you. - puzzles...you are so good at putting these together. I am often blown away by your skills. If mommy tries to help you, you quickly remove that piece and re-do all on your own. You are independent in such a perfect way. You remind me of your father...always in thought and accomplishing tasks with such ease. - animals...all things animals. Animal books, songs, and pictures. You have no problem identifying each animal and making their sounds. - drawing...you much prefer to draw with a pencil or pen then a crayon or marker. Although, we do have some lovely marker art on our door and carpet :O Unlike me when I was a child, you have no use for careful drawing- you draw with abandon. - food...I was worried you would never like food being that you love your NaNa's- and you still do but now you love to eat. Crackers, cheese, green olives, Annie's Mac n Chz, Annie O's, apples, bananas,raisins, yogurt, miso soup, rice, Chinese noodles, tofu, smoked salmon, tacos, hamburgers, Popsicles, pizza, and smoothies. When you see the blender come out you get excited for a yummy fruit or green smoothie. - counting...daddy and I have been counting with you since before you could talk. You can just about count to 10 on your own. We burst at the seams with pride - your bubbie... he is your hero! You love to copy everything he does. You want what he is eating, what he is playing with. Before going to bed you always make sure he hugs and kisses you (bubbie mmmuwah) When he is gone you say "where's bubbie"and when he is going to Martial Arts you say, "bubbie HiYa"! When he teases you, you say, "aw bubbie" and giggle. Watching the two of you together is special. He loves to teach you to say funny things! daddy...you are without a doubt the apple of his eye. He melts around you. Often we find you perched in his arms as he goes about his day. Always explaining everything he is doing and letting you assist him. He teaches you so much. You love to scratch his beard and climb on him. He lets you do fun and exciting things that mommy doesn't. He sneaks you bits of gum, and loves to take you on dinner dates. Watching him, watch you...well there are no words. Just love -overwhelming love. mommy...we have almost been like one beating heart for so long. For the first year of your life I don't know that you left my arms at all. We breathed together at night, rhythmically. Now you are slowly beginning your separation from me and I watch you with so much delight. I love our snuggles and giggles, how many kisses and hugs I get. I love how we get ready in the bathroom mirror together and you want to do everything I am doing. I love our friendship, and kinship and our future. Your BIRTHday is my gift...every single moment. there is so much more to share- but we will do that together...today! This morning as I lay watching you sleep and thought about you being 2 years old...my heart felt funny- and I remembered that this is the feeling I get each time I see my children grow. Bitter but oh so sweet. This evening we will have a simple family celebration. Spaghetti dinner and a brownie cake decorated by our resident cake decorator: CJ also known as Bubbie! and of course gift opening!