my regular computer is having some issues
thus no images in this post.
which is too bad because i have some great 
pictures taken over the past week.
for instance "game night" photos.
i met some great families while teaching, oddly enough 
some of the parents i use to run with back in my early twenties.
now we are grown up with kids and it has been great to reconnect.
this small group that is forming came to my cinco de mayo gathering
and we all decided that monthly we would rotate houses and host pot-lucks,
game nights, movie nights, etc. it has been an answer to many prayers.
our little girls play together non-stop, there are sweet babies
to coo over, there is always yummy foods, and lots of 
laughter and story telling.
it is a lovely mix that i am grateful for.
this past friday was our first game night.
most of the night was spent on blankets on the lawn
sampling different cheeses, bowls of melons, pasta salads, bean salad, 
and sipping tequila sunrises and mint conditions.
the girls played in the sandbox, dressed up in princess wear, and 
made good use of all the new, to them toys of the host's daughter.
there was a slack line and attempts to balance, and a game of charades 
complete with belly laughs.
least i forget i must mention the momentous amount of images
from thursday when my sweet pollywog graduated pre-k.
there was a cap and certificate ceremony where my sweet one
was introduced as the artist of the class 
 i went home with arm fulls of potted flowers and chocolates
from the sweet children i was blessed to teach.
but all the images will have to grace this space
another day,
because we are off to a four day vacation for memorial weekend.
i had settled myself to staying home and relaxing
but the universe heard my inner pleas for a small trip,
and the beginning of summer memories with my lil one.
so we were given this gift of four nights at an all inclusive lodge.
jacuzzi, several pools, game rooms, tonight a firework show over the lake, 
bbq and music, hiking, paddle boating, mini-golf, ice-cream stands, and loads of memories to be made.
i am so beyond excited and feeling mighty blessed.
last night her and i packed and she had all her favorite outfits laid out
and we did happy dances in between.
when we return there will be pictures.