::words&pics from our weekend::

our weekends have been full with the addition of soccer.
thankfully the weather has been beautiful each game.
initially when pollywog started soccer i wasn't sure if it
would be "her thing"...she is a bit shy when it comes to be around groups
of people. at the first practices and games she would hide behind mommy
or i would have to walk out onto the field with her, and when folks cheered
 she didn't like it.
but a couple games under her belt and this girl has blossomed on the field.
saturday was a double header and last games of the season.
she received a medal and was elated! "mommy my first medal".
the team calls her the closer! she gets out there and plays hard and made the one
and only goal of the season!
she loves soccer. she always has a huge smile on her face.
she loves being goalie, but also loves the constant running back and forth.
watching her play has been such a joy.
she wants to start T-ball now.
i have a feeling she is gonna be my little sporty girl.
no matter, watching her confidence grow and the happiness on her face
has made this mama feel very blessed.
 this summer she'll play t-ball and take swimming.
this fall she will do cheer-leading at her kindergarten and start violin.
i want to offer her the world and let her learn about herself and grow.
i am so proud of her.
there are just two short days left of pre-k.
this sentimental mommy has been feeling a bit emotional about 
these milestones. it all happens so fast.
this ::time::
the school days have been filled with fun activities.
thursday is graduation and a celebration.
she has made such dear friends this year.
i enrolled her in a two day a week- four hour day- summer program
that all her buddies will be attending.
it should be fun! 
she is pretty excited.
there will be themes such as "under the sea"
 "outer space", "my backyard" and so on.
so on these two days i will do my gardening and landscape
and the other days i will be watching a classmate of her's and his
little sister and we will spend the summer at the pool, 
camping, sports,crafting, road-trips and seeing daddy.
  i  am looking forward to being home with her.
although i have enjoyed teaching this year, 
i found myself zapped after work.
being a pre-school teacher is exhausting!
i have felt zero inspiration for painting or art in general.
i was asked to put a series up but have just felt uncreative.
so starting next week i plan to paint 
and i am experimenting with primitive pottery this summer too!
this memorial weekend we are headed out to canoe and camp!
i am so looking forward to relaxing by the fire, soaking in the beauty
of the float and making some fun crafts at the camp-site i have planned.
but before this weekend there are endings to celebrate, 
a neglected garden to tend, and moments i don't want to miss.
simple, sometimes unnoticed, once in a lifetime moments.