we drink alot of green smoothies round here.
pollywog has been partaking in them since she started on solids and CJ rarely passes
up a tall smoothie packed with greens and fruit.
it has been so nice to walk out into the garden in the morning, cut some greens,
blend em up and enjoy.
the freshness is oh so good.
this past week i started back to work, in the garden i have worked at the past few seasons.
  i have missed this soil. 
i have just two short weeks left at the preschool
and then i will be back working in the garden i built and cultivated as well as my seasonal groundskeeper position i have held with this dear friend.
this work is the work that feeds my spirit. 
it is the place i speak to God. 
a place of peaceful meditation.
 a place i teach my daughter the joy of digging, growing, observing and harvesting.
this day she brought her fairy dolls into the garden and was fully absorbed
in her make believe world while i harvested a large amount of greens.
then while she perched on the counter top, i washed and spun the greens
there were so many after giving "my boss" his portion
that i decided to blend them and freeze them to pop into our daily smoothies.

 i froze two varieties of lettuce and kale.
pollywog was fascinated by the process and was my helpful worker.
it fills my heart for her to see where food comes from.
to be a part of the process.
she is thoughtful about the food she puts into her body.
of course she likes popsicles, and cookies here and there,
but she often says, good food before junk food.
she is aware of what and why regarding food.
lately she is curious as to why i, a 16 year vegetarian doesn't eat meat.
although i only cook meat about twice a week for her, i have never
pushed this choice on her. she naturally seems to sway from meat as there 
are so many other choices of fresh, colorful foods at meal times.
in any case we are enjoying the bounty both from our garden
and the garden i work in.
i want to learn as much as i can.
on another note:
things that have been on my mind lately:
* thoughts become things...i watched this documentary last night and fell asleep with a 
smile on my face...and visions in my heart.
* ::love:: this year has been a year that has offered me the opportunity to learn
the lesson of love. without getting to personal, situations have arose where the opportunity
for growth and learning presented themselves.
seeing my own growth in these situations has been humbling.
realizing that the elimination of ego, whose right-whose wrong, etc
 and the choice to just love has been, well, life changing.
everything i do i will do in love.
something i heard touched me and it has become my mantra and the sentence my 
kids will probably tire of hearing.
"Reputation is what you do when other people are watching. Character is what you do when no one is watching."
applying this to my life is something very important to me.
* babies...i have major baby fever!
especially with all this recent extended breastfeeding talk. having breastfed my daughter
till she was 3 1/2, co-slept, and practiced attachment parenting, 
 i am such an advocate for this style of parenting. 
for me it was just a natural extension of myself.
seeing my daughter today at age 5 i can clearly see all the benefits this rearing has done
and continues to do. there have been no negatives to attachment parenting i have seen- just benefits
and the beauty of honoring your children and yourself as a instinctual parent.
 i do long for more children and the ability to continue to experience the journey of parenting.
this is my prayer.
- road-tripping with my brood this summer
- tennis...i start my lessons in june!!!!
- primitive pottery and art
pollywog and i are going to forage clay this summer and experiment with primitive pottery.
i ordered a book on amazon regarding such things.
also i am finishing my paintings because i was asked to hang them in 
st louis!!! soon as my teaching gig is up i will commit to setting aside time to paint.
geez i need to go to bed.