lately pollywog says
"mama, i love ya"
in the cutest voice ya evah heard.
it melts my heart and makes my eyes ooze joy.
she is in this wonderful stage of telling me she loves me
several times a day, giving me lots of kisses and wrapping her arms
around me every night after we pray.
i cherish these moments dearly.

her love makes me want to be the best person i can be.
her love makes me want to cocoon her in layers of protection,
security, love, and happiness.
i remember when she was just a little baby i wrote a 
poem about her. 
we spent every waking moment together and when we slept it was chest to chest.
the poem spoke of this thread that was bore out of our love
and stitched us together.

that bond i still feel each and every day.
this mother's day was special.
pollywog picked me flowers and jellied my toast, stirred my coffee 
and made me cards brimmed in love.
she drew a picture of me in a blue dress
that turned out to be the nightgown i often wear.

we rode bikes, munched sandwiches in-between dips in the wading pool,
ate ice-cream and snuggled.
and while tucking her in she threw her little arms around my neck
and proclaimed
"mama, i love ya"

*to my son*
there is not one second that goes by during the day that you are not on my mind.
my firstborn, my best friend, the expression of my spirit.
i love you dearly and visualize you wrapped in joy, success, and confidence.
this journey you and i have been on all these years has been sprinkled
with wrong turns and moments of leaving our path together
but i know that one day you will see and know.
that is, my hope 
i love you and without you i am blue.