beauty secrets: part two

Recently I have been thinking about skin care regimens. I have never really worn make up. Sometimes I will put a little blush on my cheeks or maybe some mascara, but other than that I feel funny in make up. My daily "beauty" routine is super simple. Actually, I must admit, I rarely wash my face at night and put on moisturizer, and I have fallen asleep in my make up. What I typically do is wash my face with...a bar of soap (Dial or Ivory)- I know, gasp... then slather on some of my daughters baby lotion and call it done. Recently I was using olive oil for a moisturizer but my face didn't seem to like this. In fact lately I seem to be going through puberty again. My forehead is broken out with these little bumps -(I think from the hot humidity) and I have pimples. (If only my butt would go back to the teen years.) So this has got me thinking about skin care. What I have started doing is exfoliating my face about 3 times a week- and using Oil of Olay (which my face seems to like) I have also been trying to splash water and a little witch hazel on my face before bed and moisturize. My face seems to be clearing up a bit. This weekend I am going to try some natural masks. I will let you know the recipes and how they work. I would love to hear what your skincare regimen is...or any mask recipes!!!!