school room

Pollywog's desk CJ's shelf My desk... I traced and cut out the bug shadows The resource shelf and this is a decal I made for CJ's bathroom... Everything is just about ready for the year to start. Yesterday, CJ and I "gutted" his room. We do this every few months, and it is a job, let me tell ya. Although, he cleans his room once a week, I am always amazed to find items that are shoved in cracks and crannies, sticky candy in drawers, and various other mystery items that make their way into the closet and under the dresser. We literally filled two trash bags with old toys, trash and worn out clothes. Now his room is clean, uncluttered and it even smells good. Since this, he has been happily playing in there and drawing on his organized desk. Now we are waiting for book orders to come in the mail, and then I will make some flexible lesson plans. Next week is clothes, and guitar shopping, then vacation and then school starts September 8th (Brian started yesterday). Can't wait for vacation!!!!!