Things have been crazy busy around here, leaving very little time for me to reflect and write on my dear blog. Let alone, read all the "going on's", on my favorite blogs. It's strange how I feel I know these ladies. I enjoy keeping up on all that's happening in their lives, and I'm often inspired by their insights and ideas...oh and their wonderful photos. This week I have felt like I am spinning in circles- often accomplishing nothing but lists. Deadlines and "to do's" swirl around me and I am trying my best to juggle it all in a semi organized manner. Thankfully each thing I check off brings a sense of relief and accomplishment. I have been scurrying around here getting the school room ready and planning and organizing the year. After many years of trial and error- I have learned that structure works best for CJ when it comes to school. We have such similar personalities and when given too many choices we quickly become overwhelmed and unable to focus. He thrives when he knows what to expect each day- we all do around here! I have been steadily working on our schedule for the fall semester of our year. This hasn't been an easy task. He has so many interest and extracurricular activities. The process of scheduling, was a lesson in and of itself. We went over choices and in the end he made a great and busy, schedule. One activity that we will not be doing this fall is, swimming. This was a hard decision for me. This is a sport that he truly excels at. He has been involved in swimming since age 2. This year would have been his first time on a competitive swim team. However, he has lost interest in it and me pushing it, just wasn't right at this time. It would have taken over most of our schedule, as practice is three times a week and way across town. So for now, we are focusing on other things. He still wants to be a lifeguard at 15, which will be great! So for this first semester his extracurricular activities will be: Pottery (he did not end up taking it this summer), Rock Climbing class, Guitar lessons, and a home-school strength and conditioning class twice a week (this one he is really excited about). There will be a lot of running around, not to mention youth group once a week...so my next task is to create an efficient driving schedule. Later in the winter, he is taking a Hunter's Safety class, a creative writing course and a Leadership training class. Almost all of his class items have been ordered for the fall (we are so excited about about the Math curriculum we ordered!!!), and this weekend we are buying school supplies. While on vacation next week, he will pick out school clothes. I am in the process of ordering some wonderful, educational items for pollywog. This girl loves to learn. She is always wanting us to quiz her on things she knows. Keeping her challenged will be fun and exciting. We are going to work on rhythms of the day, colors, counting, animals and lots of things she can create and do with her busy hands. Aside from the school planning, I have started writing articles. I have been wanting to get my foot in the door and do some freelance writing and thankfully an opportunity came my way. It is such a learning experience and often difficult to make time for- but when school starts and things settle down around here (haha), I hope to spend more time doing it. Oh, and lets not forget I have an art show September 1st. AAAAAAAH! I am trying to complete my paintings and I am also making my own frames. I am not some overachiever here, I'm just on a budget and simply have to make my own frames. This deadline is chasing me like a tidal wave...Luckily I do my best work when time is looming over me like an angry mother...so for the next week I am going to be beyond busy. When this art show is over, my head will join the human race again(I tend to have a hard time being present when I am doing my art work). Then I am going to do a massive clearing of our home- b/c I feel like I am swimming in things- and then... chill. We will go on vacation and fish, swim, eat, shop, lay around, explore, laugh and then school will start. Honestly, summer goes by faster and faster every year. Life is good. ...and all this spinning, really is fun!