kind words

One of my favorite blogs to visit is : Collecting Leaves... and other little experiences. This journal is full of inspiring and soulful pictures. For me, it is a quiet and reflective moment in my day. The author, ladybug-zen has so kindly awarded me the Arte y Pico Award. I would like to pass this award on to some of my favorite little spots I visit each day. I recently came across Small Wonders and I am so glad I did. I am often inspired by her thoughts and enjoy the peek into her world of small wonders. The Hermitage is a cozy place I visit often. It is a magical place full of stories and amazing artistry, that takes me back to my childhood, full of imagination. Scotland is now on the list of top places I hope to visit one day. A place I have been lurking for awhile is, majikfaerie. This is one adventurous mama. I am often inspired by the life she lives. She is a creative and thoughtful mother of the darling Littletree. She is a midwife, a homeschooler and a traveler. Once you start reading it is hard to stop. I love seeing just how diverse we all our and how much we can learn from one another. Another place that I obsessively lurk is, Fully Operational Battle Station. The first time I read her blog I was rolling and laughing hysterically on the floor. She has a knack for writing. This is one funny lady! I have been enthralled in her family's adoption journey. I have cried, split a gut laughing and nervously chewed my nails reading this journal. Thank you for the award...and ladies thank you for sharing your lives in such inspiring, hilarious and joyful ways!!! if you are looking for other great blogs, check out my blog roll too. :)