sunday musings

today's reflections Ecclesiastes 3

Today I remind myself of the many purposes seasons and rhythms serve. I remind myself that what we learn at home are tools we can use beyond our family walls. I remind myself of the many blessings and lessons I receive from my children.

Just as the earth, we all have seasons and patterns. Being mindful of this, has helped me to become a better parent.

For me these small observations help me to be ever present in my life and the lives of my family. These moments seem to disappear so quickly and I want to be awake to them.

My little one's teeth are pushing through and she is entering a new season of life. This little struggle has made her uncomfortable. She has a runny nose, itchy jaws and ears, and overall, just doesn't feel well. Where before she was an easy sleeper, and a jolly gal. Now she has left her mommy and daddy sleep deprived and her days although mostly joyful, are at times fussy and clingy and in much need of hugs, snuggles and Popsicles. However, it is not hard to remember other times like this. Just as any person, she has had different rhythms of sleep and moods. There are months of rested bliss, and months of...awake bliss? There are times of laughter and times of...not so much.

Our son has begun the difficult and exciting journey of adolescents. This time can be so confusing and in this constantly changing rhythm he needs us to let him move alone when needed, while letting him connect to his childhood at other times.

This afternoon as I rocked my babe to sleep, something I haven't done in awhile. I was reminded of the seasons of my children's lives and that of my own.

As I watched my little one's eyes close and saw rest come upon her, my fog of fatigue lifted and a blanket of peace and joy rested on my shoulders- and in this quiet minute I felt my heavenly Father's grace and these thoughts came to me.

when you are joyful ~ I will rejoice with you

when you are tired ~ I will make a soft bed for you to lie

when you make bad choices ~ I will give you mercy

when you are sad ~ I will open strong arms of comfort

when you are angry ~ I will listen

when you are grumpy ~ I will give you grace

when you are scared ~ I will shelter you

when you are confident ~ I will stand below you and look up with pride

when you are growing wings ~ I will offer guidance

when you are ready to fly ~ I will take a step back and cheer you on

I am thankful for these gifts I can offer those I love- just as I am thankful they have been offered to me. To us all.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!