Bike Life

As Fall rolls in, so does bike least for us. B has been bike crazy. He bikes to and from school each day, and for other errands. That means he is biking 20+ miles daily- whew, you go boy. He is in amazing shape and has put me to shame. Don't worry though, I'm catching up. Today we were excited to get this in the mail. We live near super awesome, tree filled, duck visited, gorgeous bike trails that B and CJ ride on- and now pollywog and I can join in on the fun. I can't wait. I plan to take the kids on regular bike riding adventures. Today I let pollywog get use to this contraption so that she won't be worried about it when the day for riding comes. She thought it was great fun. Now we are off on our much needed and awaited vacation. Where we will relax and play as well as fish, BBQ, swim, eat ice cream, hike, play board games...Be back soon!