Today was a full day in many ways, as you can assume given the title of this post. Around lunch time CJ went with me to work out. I have been pretty diligent with running -something I haven't been able to do in awhile (old injury) and have recently been getting back into- I have so much restless energy and if I don't work out I can be pretty annoying to be around. So it has felt so good to run and lift weights. (sorry, I am getting back on track...no pun intended) We had a blast! While I jogged he went around the track on his scooter. Once we worked up a good sweat we went into the gym to life weights. He is just hitting the age where he is allowed into the weight room, so I decided to give him a quick lesson in proper machine use, and basic weight lifting knowledge...like how to bulk muscles or elongate...how to breath properly, etc. Of course it quickly became a competition and we were laughing and having fun. On the way home we rolled down our windows and cranked the Led Zeppelin. My heart felt so full...I am so thankful for our relationship. My son and I have grown up together. Although I try to maintain the parent role, in so many ways we are the best of friends. Even as he enters these teen years, we are able to easily communicate and have fun together. For this I am so thankful. As far as the other "fullness" goes, it is merely in reference to my daughter's diapers. Yes, I know not the most girly of topics...but it is what is going on in my life, constantly, at the moment. Is it just part of the toddler days? Is it the "solid food" diet? I mean really, is pooping 5 or more times a day normal? Ugh, up to my elbows in you know what. and...up to my eyeballs in LOVE and sweetness. Now at nap time she loves when we just lay there and smile at each other. Then she will hug me and say, "mommy" in the cutest, melt your heart voice. I try to take a multitude of mental snap shots b/c I know these moments are fleeting. She loves learning and now when she sees letters she tries to say them. Mind you at this point she can only recognize and say O and P - but we are mighty impressed! Cannot believe this cutie will be 2 in few months :( Painting Fall decorations after breakfast: Ahh, life is full- in so many ways.