weekend in pictures and a few words...

This past week was busy...as it will continue to be throughout the year. But it's pleasantly busy and exciting each day. I am still planning on posting the home school day- but I just haven't had the time. It has been warm and sunny around here, but Autumn is in the air and we have plans to go apple picking this week and make some yummy apple butter. CJ is really enjoying his Martial Arts class and I get such a kick (no pun intended) watching him. He has already earned two stripes. He also started his clay/pottery class and loves it. He made something for me to put on a string for a necklace, and plans to paint and glaze it once it's been baked in the kiln. He also went to the theatre with his youth group and saw High school Musical, as well as having a "work day" with the youth at church. We are so happy with the youth group he is involved in. In school this week he is beginning "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and we will be doing an in depth literary analysis, as well as beginning a study called, "Africans in America". Both works will offer unique perspectives and I too am excited to learn. Pollywog has been as busy as ever. 
she loves to play with her babies- Pushing them in the stroller and caring for them. She is changing so much as she nears the two year mark. She loves eating new foods and trying to say many words.  Rested and ready for the week ahead.