One of the focuses in our Life-skills course this year (in home-school), is Community. We will learn all about communities. What they are, how they are formed, what the needs are, involvement, etc. So today, CJ and I had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer at a local elementary school. This school could best be described as an inner city school. Unfortunately, the school is lacking resources, has a very large enrollment, and is totally understaffed. So much so, that the teachers there are very overwhelmed. However, very dedicated and are shining examples of what true heroes in our day and age look like. Many students there do not speak English and are learning while attending school. This was fascinating to see and these children really are so brave and amazing. Most of these wonderful children have volatile home lives, and this school is a safe haven for them. We had such an amazing time and developed a new found respect for teachers who dedicate so much of their energy(and boy do they need it), and lives to these future adults. We assisted a kindergarten class and the children were so funny and sweet. The little boys thought CJ was so cool. Out on the playground he quickly drew a crowd. He was so great with them and organized a game of soccer. My job during recess was "swing pusher"...I helped the little ones on and off the swings and pushed the many "me, me, please push me!!!" It was a work out! We sang songs, played games and enjoyed the many hugs, questions and funny things children say. (We laughed a lot today) CJ really enjoyed the experience and when leaving asked when we would be back. He learned so much from the interactions today, and so did I. Teachers are heroes! and Children are gifts to be treasured!