a summers end

We're baaaaack! -and boy did we have fun! We wanted to end the summer with a bang and found this wonderful resort with all the amenities, like pools, hot-tubs, game rooms, outdoor shuffle board, movies, game nights, and entertainment. This type of luxury is rare for us... we usually stay in cabins or tents, or take fun and rustic road trips, (we have done many cross country road trips)...so we fully enjoyed each moment. The weather could not have been better, nor the company. We made wonderful memories and fun was had by all. Here are some photos, there are several b/c I had trouble choosing. The kids entertaining themselves on the drive Yahtzee fun Yummy breakfast (notice pollywog praying...she now reminds us before every meal) Loads of Swimming (outside) And when the temperatures were a little too cool, inside swimming We saw a water show, ate ice-cream and walked around the little village at night We went to a butterfly exhibit where hundreds of rare butterflies flew around us Initially CJ thought this would be boring, but I think he enjoyed it the most. He was like the "butterfly whisperer". They landed all over him, and everyone was taking his picture. He even got to release ones that had just emerged from their cocoon. apparently they liked me too and of course it just wouldn't be right if the Pollywog didn't do a happy jig Rested and ready for the new school year...Fall is in the air, hiking, biking and camping season is here (hip hip hooray!), lesson plans are coming along, and a new season is beginning. Something tells me it's gonna be a good year.