catch up

As of late Blogging is on the tail end of my activities for the day. I miss reflecting on my days- however, once this new rhythm of school days forms, I am certain I will find the time to write and paint again. In the meantime I wanted to share with you some small treats from the past couple of days. Our garden is still handing us treats. We have many peppers of several varieties just now bearing fruit. My little experimental watermelon... I spit out this seed from a melon I was eating and plucked it into a little pot. She grew, although not much...but how cute... Once a week CJ and I go on a nature walk...sometimes just the two of us, and sometimes the whole gang. On these excursions he maintains a Field Journal. He observes the weather patterns, the seasonal changes, animals he sees, and collects something that catches his eye. Then he makes a drawing of the item, photographs it and then comes home and identifies it. Making note of the scientific name, characteristics and a neat tid-bits. Today he found this: the Maclura pomifera, also known as the osage-orange or hedge- apple. Non poisonous although not edible and can cause vomiting. One tid-bit is that they are known to get lodged in the throats of cows...(poor cows) and lastly... this evening I was feeling a bit under the weather so B held down the fort...(aka brought me soup in bed, hot tea, fig newtons and checked on me frequently...what a man!)...while CJ built a lego town in the school room for hours, pollywog filled the house with noise, ahem... I mean music, of the percussion sort. Tonight I down vitamin C and tea, work on lesson plans, take a hot bath and get well. For tomorrow is a new day and there is so many exciting things to see and learn.