accomplishments and simple days

Another week in October has flown by. It was Fire Safety week at the preschool so I taught about such things, and pollywog learned to "stop, drop and roll", all things letter "F", and the exits in our home. We did make time for an evening of "hair salon" (my hairdo was sahweet, sadly no pics) and some serious puzzle work...she did this entirely on her own and was very proud! This week a cold front moved in and the house was closed up and the heater turned on. I am not a big fan of closing up the home and turning on air conditioners or heaters,( although I am greatful for ability to have both). The air becomes so dry and I long for a fresh breeze. Even my sweet pollywog was happy today when the temperatures allowed for open windows and a fresh breeze, "Ah" she said,"fresh air". With winter well on its way I washed all our mittens, hats, gloves and scarves and the little one and I did some autumnal cleaning. Washing the shower curtain, bath mat...all the rugs that can be washed. Cleaning the floors, and putting pollywog's bed back into her room. The latter is one we are both excited about. I have done quite a bit of thinking on this. I wanted to wait until she was feeling secure and safe. This has taken some time...just loving and nurturing her and letting her know that she is home and isn't going anywhere. Now that I feel she is in a good place I knew it was important for her to take the step to sleep in her own room and create a space that is just for her. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this will instill confidence in her as well as security. Pollywog and I spent the afternoon arranging and setting up her special room, again. :) She was so happy! Princess outfits were put on to commerate and old toys felt like new ones again. After her bath this evening we fit in a couple games of go fish and two chapters in "The Littles" (our new chapter book we read dilligently at night) I am lying next to her as she drifts off to sleep. I have a feeling I will not sleep much tonight. Not because she will be up, but I will be checking on her every hour or so...ah, transitions take time. Tomorrow we are off to a farm to pick out pumpkins, go on hayrides, get lost in corn mazes, and sip hot apple cider. :::goodnight and good weekend:::