Saturday musings

This week went by in a blur. I haven't had much time to write here with days that filled up with activities and a sleepy mommy at the end of them. Pollywog had a wonderful week at school making apple pies and apple pictures, practicing the letter "C", discussing patterns, playing with play-dough, beading and lots of playtime with her friends. Friday I made pollywog a fort outside and she/ "Sally the Circus girl" made dandelion pies and stone stew. Later we met her cousins and my sis at a school carnival.

We had so much fun. It was a crisp evening and the smell of bonfire filled the air. The kids bounced, did bean bag tosses, won prizes, wore balloon crowns, ate hot dogs and roasted smores. That night pollywog, her cousin Brenna and her cousin Camden had a slumber party at grandma's. I relaxed at home watching a movie in bed and today having some time to myself I spent a few blissful hours on the river. It was so peaceful...the water was still and golden leaves sprinkled over the water. Pollywog had a wonderful time at grandmas playing dress up and princess, staying up late snuggling in bed with grandma and her cousins, and making fruit faces on pancakes for breakfast.

Tonight she had fairys on the brain so I traced one for her to color then she got to work creating a home for fairys to visit Complete with leaves for beds and drawings for the fairys to see. Sleepiness eventually got the best of her and she is pleasantly snoring next to me as I type. Tomorrow we have a full day of bike riding and a festival sponsored by Well Fed to attend. So I am off to sip my mint tea and watch "Cheaper by the Dozen" (the original of course) and snuggle in bed.