our weekend flew past...
friday was circus night-saturday we went to my dear friend kunti's farm for a yummy meal, bonfire, music and an overall great time. the weather was unbelievable...the air was warm, the sky full of stars and the moon illuminated the children's play around the field as us grown-ups sat around the fire. pollywog fell asleep in my arms next to a cracklin fire... sunday we put a blanket in the backyard and snacked, dug in dirt and played harmonica. we relaxed watching cloud animals and leaves dancing their way down to the ground. after a busy day at the preschool we are now relaxing. pollywog is making a hamster cage and hamster out of a kleenex box, papertowel rolls, and cotton balls. she was inspired by the new hamster, pluto, in her classroom.
tomorrow is a full moon and we have plans for a fire of our own
to a new week
may it be full of treasured moments