:::library day:::

With a cold front slowly moving in, pollywog and i decided to walk to the library amongst the dancing leaves and under the colorful sky. While heading out we spotted a package in the mail for pollywog from her grandparents. She was tickled pink to open up and peer into an envelope full of skittles, a teeshirt, sweet card and her favorite- a sparkly necklace. I love taking walks with pollywog. She makes sure we stop and "smell the roses" ...this girl can spot the tiniest flowers, the most brilliant leaves, a creeping bug. I make sure I let her stop to observe, explore and collect and not rush her. Honestly I enjoy doing the same. She found me this beautiful leaf. We thought it looked like tie-dye...I added it to the necklace she had placed around my neck and now it's my new favorite necklace. We walked home in the dark and enjoyed our adventure! Pollywog's books: A crochet flower I made for my sweet baby girl that she proudly wore to school today! :::happy monday:::