Friday's moments

i have had little time to visit here and reflect and document our days.
i am enjoying my new class of two year olds. their small absorbing selves.
i especially love that i pass by my little ones room often and get to peak into the window watching her play with her friends, work on projects and when she catches a glimpse of me gather all the kisses that are blown my way! i also love that there is no school on friday so pollywog and i get to enjoy a day of sleeping a bit later, moving a bit slower, tidying up the house, playing outside in this AMAZING weather, and spending some time crafting, reading and snuggling together. did i mention the weather is unbelievable. the sun has been shining, the breeze blowing, the temperatures cool in the morning and night and warm in the day. today we are enjoying this weather and shopping for a costume. here are moments we have shared thus far on this beautiful friday. yummy organic spinach waiting to fill our green smoothies

a growing school wall in pollywog's room displaying her favorite papers

sunporch playtime

strawberry milk break on the sunporch

our growing autumn wall

a breeze brought a wirlwind of falling golden leaves that a little girl couldn't resist dancing in...and a mommy too

were off to find the perfect mermaid costume and this evening pollywog is going to the circus!!!!! tomorrow my sweet friend and her daughter, pollywogs friend, invited us to a potluck/bonfire/campout at their farm. should be lots of fun! :::happy weekend:::