Feeling a bit down today. Gamma and Papa are going to have to reschedule their visit with us. Papa is not feeling well, but he is on the mend. We were all so excited about seeing them. Last night was a rough night. Pollywog, as I mentioned yesterday, is going through something...which is causing her to be particularly clingly, whining, grumpy and wanting to be nursed constantly- which is becoming painful. She also has been getting exzema around her hands and wrists which I am thinking is either dairy related, egg related or white sugars. I have been particularly tired the past few days, which I believe is also diet related, not exercising...( I did manage 3 1/2 workouts last week!!!)...oh and Aunt Martha's recent visit ;) (UGH) We all have just been dragging around a bit. Feeling restless, and missing Oregon. It is so easy to let these "down in the dumps" emotions I am letting myself have a moment, then I have to snap out of it. Right now the sun just popped out after much needed rain- that is nice! Right now B is taking pollywog with him on an errand- that is great! Right now CJ just came in from playing in a puddle of water and mud (yuck, laundry) and exclaimed, "that is what I like about being a kid, you get to do exciting stuff like ride your bike into huge puddles of water" - that is excellent! Right now I realize I need to make some long awaited dietary changes for not only me, but the whole family. I have being doing a lot of research and found some inspiring and well informed people who got me kick started and I am excited to read the book, "Green for Life"- that will be really great! Right now my house is near being completely cleaned- awesome! Today CJ wrote his first letter to his new pen-pal in Oregon- cool! Right now I can look forward to my meeting with a gal Thursday about taking some classes to become an Exercise Specialist- brilliant! This week I am meeting a young home school girl who might be watching pollywog occassionally so B and I can go on actually dates- wow! Tonight I have plans to do some crocheting (that is if pollywog sleeps)- that will be fun! Right now I have much to be thankful for...even when the day feels blah. The important thing is all the things that have gotten me down are fixable, I just have to be disciplined to make the needed changes, this is a character trait I am working on, as it is not one of my strengths. Seaons..