what the boy has been up too

On Sunday CJ decided he wanted to make dinner for the family. I should preface it by saying he had been in experimental mode all week. Making home-made sodas, tinkering for hours with tools and bike and scooter parts in the garage, and learning that one can cook salmon in the dishwasher...(um, thankfully that was not our dinner)...this was my last cooked meal as I am trying a raw diet, (more on that another time). So he worked his little heart out in the kitchen and set a beautiful table. Here are two pictures from our lovely course. Here is the main course. The noodles were boiled with lemons, limes, and apple cider vinegar...(interesting) And in our personal bowls, the pasta was garnished with apple slices and bell pepper. There was also a lovely red sauce and a yummy salad complete with apple cider vinegar dressing, (B helped me finished my salad). He asked us to rate on a scale from 1, being yucky, to 10, being great, on presentation then taste. For presentation he got a 10 and taste a 9...just a bit too much vinegar. :) Maybe a future chef...although still tweaking the garnishes and condiments. And in other news of the boy...he is an official orange belt!!!! Can you feel me beaming though the screen?