sleepy, busy, painting leaves, Monday

Boy am I zonked...last night the hubby and I were up till around 2 a.m., working on some chores we had procrastinated on all weekend. (FYI: sometimes having two procrastinators in the home equals, nothing gets done)- B's parents are flying in from Oregon tomorrow and we wanted to tidy up a bit. Not to mention, knowing that the "indoor" months are coming I wanted to do some fall cleaning and decorating... (although, I must admit fall and winter are actually my favorite seasons to play outside). So while he went around the house with a can of white (ugh) paint and puddy covering old smudge marks and nail holes, I painted our new "garage sale find" chairs and re-arranged the house. I love rearranging and finding new ways to use furniture. It all turned out great... -but boy have I been tired all day. Not to mention that the little one has been cutting a top molar or going through some developmental spurt, b/c she has been wanting mommy and na na's all day. For a few moments today I was wallowing in my sleepiness and I could feel it swallowing me up. So I decided I better change gears. Yesterday we took the kids on a little hike to gather some "signs of fall" for a craft today... It was sunny and warm (unlike today) and we got plenty hot and sweaty exploring: Pollywog found acorn tops and they made her think of a hat...didn't seem to fit CJ wanted to show me two special spots that he found last time he was on this trail. He pointed to this explaining that it looked like a magical place. It reminded me of myself, as I always imagine little magical worlds in the woods. Special eyes that boy has. Then he took me to a place he discovered that he aptly named "Peace Tree" Today, once I passed through my sleepy self, the kids and I gathered our collections from yesterday's hike, went out into the garage and made our Fall decorations for the house. Now are house will be filled with loveliness...and tomorrow, with gamma and papa!