scenes around the house

Today the autumn sun is shining through the crisp, cool air. The house is aglow in sunlight, cozy, and warm with smells of cinnamon. The day started with the four of us sitting around the table sharing stories and laughter while slopping up pancakes with real maple syrup. This afternoon sweet chimes of classical music plays faintly in the background, the gurgling of the cool mist peacefully and slowly softens the dry air and calms my spirit. The boy is reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the pollywog is busying herself.   I am folding warm towels and flannel sheets, concocting recipes to make later and letting contentment make its way back into the creases of my face down my back and into my toes All is well. Like the tree in a storm, I let myself bend and sway so that I would not break...then the clouds opened and the sky cast its glory on my soul.