craft it up...

we have had a busy week (and its only tuesday).
at school this week she has
brought many thanksgiving projects home, learned some new words in spanish
and at the pre-school today, we all had a thanksgiving meal together!
at home
we have been busy making crafts and goodies to acknowledge the spirit of holidays. 
pollywog is always collecting rocks, pine cones and lately gumballs.
so we decided to roll them in glitter and display them in a wooden bowl.

a bowl full of the prickly balls covered in glitter were quite nice.

she often watches me crochet and has been wanting to learn, so i showed
her how to finger crochet a chain

she caught on rather quickly
yesterday we decided to make a special thanksgiving package for bubbie.
we made cookies
and cut out different shapes
luckily i have a professional taste tester
then she made this special turkey and we wrote all the things she loves about her bubbie on the feathers
she was one proud little girl.
she loves that bubbie!
what a sweet girl
now for mommy to take a soak and read a book
all this crafting and baking and chasing after preschoolers makes this mommy thankful for bedtime.