::princess birthday parties::

pollywog was invited to a classmates birthday celebration.
a "princess spa birthday" to be exact.
she got to work making her friend a beautiful, sparkly card!

then we set out the perfect princess outfit...have ya ever seen so much pink :)

the party was so sweet. the girls soaked their feet and then got toes and fingers painted by the birthday girl's older sisters.
they had it set up like a real salon, complete with children's magazines to look at while drying.
then she had her hair curled. *notice the princess holding her crown while getting her "hair did"*
she was in glitter, pink, princess heaven!
a few of the princesses

she had such a lovely time!
now pollywog is fully consumed with the plannings of her birthday.
in just a month  she will have her first, real birthday party.
we have themes, colors and games decided upon and one very excited girl.
and this...ah, the sweetness of this.
my little one brought this home from school.
a placemat for her thanksgiving meal- complete with that which she is thankful for.
my heart was warmed to see that her home is a place that means so much to her.
and of course that upcoming birthday party :)