monday funday...and catch up

we have been busy.
too busy to stop and write here.
busy meeting up with friends. pollywog had a play-date with a classmate on friday and then a golden friend of hers came over on sunday.

while the girls played, us moms snacked on this and had fun catching up.

aside from our special times with friends, cookies were made, work was done on our popsicle stick house, and christmas decor was purchased.
we are excited about christmas this year!
we plan to do it up BIG!
lots of hand-made ornaments, baked goods, christmas carols on the record player and stories under the tree.
pollywog is getting excited.
we peeked at the christmas box and she is counting down the days till we set up the tree and the house.

her school is going wonderful. i am so happy i found this wonderful place.
pollywog has started spanish there and has been invited to a spa/princess bday this weekend.
wow! wish my friends had bdays like this :)
mondays are usually reserved for our library day...however i was feeling cabin fever. we were needing some fresh air, lots of space to run, and lights to illuminate our night-time adventure.

living in the city university campus suits these needs.
so we headed to explore and run.

the grounds were beautiful...colorful trees shown brightly under the lights.
the bells chimed with the changing hours...athletes were running around the track and there were lots of walkways and stones for the little one to practice her tight-rope walking skills.
we went into the music and art building so i could show her mommy's ol stomping grounds and came upon a free percussion concert.

we quickly grabbed seats and enjoyed the sounds of the vibes, bongos, mariambas and many more interesting instruments.
i love spontaneous moments that happen when one is open to experiences.
pollywog truly enjoyed this impromptu adventre and was drumming along with the musicians.
once home, after a couple stories, she quickly fell asleep.

who says mondays are not fun?