the quality of time

between school, ballet class, library days, visits with cousins, play dates, and activities and routines-
one on one moments can get lost..
.nose to nose time pushed to the background

moments of connected play (like "tickle bug") might get forgotten for days

taking the time to sit and listen to the thoughts your children have
 their ideas, stories, newly written songs
may get pushed aside for a calendar event

or an accomplishment goes unnoticed, that deserves a cheer and an acknowledgement.

 this creating together and making something as a team (like a house out of popsicle sticks)
 needs to be marked on the calendar with extra stars around it.
coloring together replacing a household chore.

this quality of time can get jumbled in the "dailys".
when i feel this sorta of thing happening i try and stop and find the moment...
grab it..
.hold onto it...
absorb it...
for it is so precious and so fleeting.
this time we take means mountains to our children
validating them, doing something they enjoy, having face time with mom or dad
our children grow so quickly
nights of them slipping off to dreamland while lying next to you
 and being able to carry them to bed are numbered

moments i have had with my son as a little guy are treasures to me!
being a part of his creating, learning and growing a gift!

my son is a man now
these moments (the one above a dear memory)
are forever my dearest companions
knowing first hand how quickly they grow and how much life can change
being present is not an option for me, its a must!
these  moments build, decorate, deepen and nourish our relationships
these moments are wonven into fabric of our lives

i love:you CJ I love you Pollywog