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this past weekend was cold and rainy...and on days such as these us gals have one thing on our minds- food!
so i opened up my new cookbook and pollywog and i made a turkish feast fit for the queens we are.
we made turkish flat bread and sprinkled it with anise seeds...this was some yummy bread!
pollywog loves to help mommy in the kitchen and she is pretty much next to me chopping, stirring, kneading or assisting for dinner each evening.
 i love this time we spend together.

the meal we shared was delicious. home-made hummus (on left), home-made babaganoush, falafel with cucumbers, tomatoes, and greens, kalamata olives and the turkish flat bread to scoup and dip with.  pollywog and i had full bellys and thankful hearts!
on sunday we tried another new recipe that was perfect for the rainy, cold, grey day: baked ziti!
this was a rich, creamy delight!!!
when cooking, while the little one waits for oven timers to go off or breads to rise,
she usually occupies herself around my feet in the kitchen.
arranging the alphabet magnets on the fridge or, like this night, playing with mommy's tea canisters pretending they are people, or maybe "canister people"...not sure but she was fully engrossed.

in any case the kitchen truly is the heart of the home and a place where memories are sure to be.