moments recently passed and savored

1. last sunday a beautiful rain storm swept through. the little one
spent the day at grandma's with cousins and i find
a pocket of time to myself to savor and be.
i finished a painting and sipped a glass of wine with windows
open on the sunporch.
the rain poured then the sun came out and i observed the magic of it all.

2. this week with a new helmet pollywog blazed through the nearby bike trails
giggling as mommy ran to keep up!

3. my sister, moi, and mama.
 saturday was filled with cousins, grandma, aunt&uncle, and bubbie
as we all went to silver dollar city.
pollywog rode her first kiddie coaster (she's not a fan), we watched peruvian
scissor dancers, danced to music from ecuador, ate dipping dots, 
went through a fun house, dodged water shooting from the ground, ate yummy mexican food, 
watched a music light water show at the landing and all of us danced like children.
even grandma!

4. cousins