we had a lovely weekend...
i took cj and pollywog to the craft store friday evening.
pollywog picked out a craft that was detail-orienteed
at least from her perspective.

this was a good challenge for her 
she can be a bit of a perfectionist 
and i try and remind her guide through these moments
but she is learning each time she is presented with these said" challenges"

for example when we color together and she gets out of the lines she is
quick to want to crinkle it up and toss it aside.
but i gently show her the joys of "getting out of the lines" sometimes.
all that said, she seemed to finally let go
and the end was result was one she was truly proud of.

saturday morning we awoke to a symphony of spring sounds. 
mowers humming, birds singing, the fan lulling me back to sleep.
it was so beautiful outside that we were quickly drawn to eating breakfast 
by the garden. we partook in a rare but yummy saturday treat...doughnuts.

then we spent the rest of the morning in the garden

watching the different birds gliding through the sky and landing in reaching branches,
and observing the tiny warriors poking through the soil discussing what each plant will become
pollywog is particularly excited to see her mexican sunflowers blossom.
they will display beautiful oranges, reds & yellows and shoot up higher than her.
she watches this growth diligently.

later in the day pollywog went to grandma's for a slumber party with her cousin.
i enjoyed an afternoon of painting. something i have not done in awhile.

in the evening i met friends for a drink on a breezy patio.
today i was gifted with sleeping in. something i have not outgrown the desire for.
after a delicious cup of coffee and a green smoothie 
i walked around the house observing the pockets of sunlight and 
and little treasures in the corners of my home.
the house was so peaceful.

 but i was starting to miss the kids and was thankful when 
grandma brought the bouncing crew back home.
we ordered  dinner and caught up on their adventures 
then watched "harry and the hendersons" together.
now as this blissful weekend ends the house is still
'cept for the sound of the fan, and the warm stillness of the night.