::this space::

saturday pollywog had a soccer game.
we had to get up at 6 a.m. to get there before the game for pictures.
the lil one and i are not morning gals but we managed.
despite the grump bunnies the morning was beautiful.
the ground was covered in frost and a blanket of fog slowly rose
as the sun began to shine.
i must say i felt rather bad having pollywog pose, shivering and tired 
for pictures
you can see her looking at me like, "really mom? why?"
then it was time to run up and down the wet field and kick a ball.
i must admit it seems rather absurd and i felt kinda bad watching the children.
they seemed a bit miserable
 it was pretty humorous too...and in the end the kids 
warmed up and did have fun.
at this age it's really only about having fun.
they ran around confused.
they've been taught to share, be kind and play with others so the concept
of taking a ball from an opponent and kicking it to a goal is lost on them.
its sweet.
after the game and a rest we played in the back yard.
it was a crisp spring day.
i weeded the growing garden while pollywog played with her babies and ran gleefully
around the yard.
we identified the plants and listened to the different songs of the birds.
i feel such a peace when we are in the garden.
this life-long journey always leads me back to THIS place.
a place of simplicity. 
i feel aligned with my path when my days are filled
with being in tune with the outside world.
hanging laundry on the line, tending the garden, teaching pollywog about this world.
eating fresh, no phones, no tele, no cars or man-made noise.
 this is when i feel most at peace and a "rightness" fills me.
more and more i long for a life-style where these are not hobbies
but just our lives.
a small plot of land, a bubbling brook.
a humble art studio, few animals to care for that care for us.
a small community of creative, artistic, folks living off the land, 
sharing and raising our children together.
creators of our own lives not slaves to society's trappings.
in my heart i know this path of mine leads to this.
my spirit is pulling further and further away from the city.
the 9 to 5's. 
the processed and greedy food industry,
the deceitful and cruelness that i see society heading rapidly.
i am daily disinterested in what is going on "out there" in the man-made world.
the pharmaceutical and medical industry, celebrity obsession and comparison that one can easily 
fall prey.
dumbed down school system, technology that continues to separate us all.
my body wants to follow the natural rhythm of the earth.
to connect with my spirit, encourage my children to connect with their own.
have discussions with other humans that are real and life giving.
 as i continue to seek this and attract this.
i am slowly allowing myself to adapt and grow.
slowly transitioning myself for when it all aligns
and the opportunity presents itself to fully emerge into this life i crave.
in the meantime i will enjoy the pockets of these moments 
fully grateful and present.