I never realized how much working 4 days a week, albeit part-time
would affect the household.
by the time pollywog and i come home from school i am exhausted.
caring for 12 to 14, 3&4 year old's will take it out of you.
they are all at the age between dependency and independence.
all seem to be going though growth spurts, which can lead to melt-downs,
neediness, and frustration on their parts.
i find a large part of my day is spent cheering their new accomplishments 
and offering a lot of snuggles.
i love each and every child in my class.
i have already teared up thinking about the end of the year arriving 
and not interacting with these dear souls daily.
that said, my energy is fairly zapped at the end of the work day.
my household duties have been pare downed.
i clean here and there when i can, and try not to obsess about it (which is hard for me).
meals have been simplified too and we definitely have takeout more
than i care to admit.
quiet mornings sipping coffee have been replaced with balancing
coffee mug while braiding pollywog's hair, making cj pancakes,
and trying to find something decent to wear in my "artist" wardrobe,
all while typically running late.
the end of May, a shift will occur.
the preschool session will end and i will begin something new.
it will be interesting to see what this summer will bring.
i can honestly say they are all VERY different.
i will be traveling with the lil one to Oregon to visit daddy.
this should be nice as she&daddy can reacquaint and i can do the same
with the glorious pacific northwest.
i also will be working on and planning my future with school and future career,
as well as the preparations for pollywogs upcoming kindergarten experience.
there will be swimming parties, picnics, trips, gardening, and slow-quiet-summer days.
but presently pollywog and i made our way into the kitchen to 
cook we so love to do and need to do more often.
stirfry...a great meal that involves lots of chopping 
and i happen to know a little girl who likes to do just this.
mommy even worked with her on using a "big, sharp, knife"
 she chopped all our veggies 
and we enjoyed a yummy, nutritious home-cooked meal

 and speaking of presently...
the lil one has started soccer.
a new sport for her.

she is a natural and her big brother has been practicing with her.
i was soooo proud watching her at practice!!!!
  i never envisioned parenting would feel like this.
moments of shear pride and exuberance at watching your children
run up and down a field kicking a ball.
(so much so that i forgot to charge my camera and was only able to get two pictures)
who knew?