i am fond of re-arranging the house 
for each season.
i have also been on a mission to de-clutter
and create light, airy, calm rooms in the house.
each time i deep clean and/or re-arrange
i add more to our garage sale pile, and the house feels so nice.
i cleared off the sunporch and put a desk facing the garden.
it was the perfect spot for breakfast and pollywog and i have been drawn out
here often. we listen to music, read, and create.
it is also my art studio.
last night we sat looking at the stars.
"mom, listen...hear those crickets? its so peaceful."
i have filled this space with candles, favorite rocks and plants.
i moved pollywog's desk into her favorite nook in the living room.
her fish live here and she is often sitting in her rocking chair watching them.
we added another goldfish and a really large algae eater.
i hung her latest art pieces and organized her markers, crayons, pencils, 
paper and other craft supplies. she spends alot of time here.
the desk overlooks the front garden and trees and she likes to watch the 
wind blow the leaves. 
with the desk out of her room we moved some furniture around
giving her more space.
brought her kitchen set back into her room, hung up her stuffed animals
and hung these pretty shear curtains she picked out at a flea market, up.
her room is so peaceful.
 with the renewing of the house, she has been so busy re-discovering,
 crafting and playing. 
the only room left to "summerize" is mine.
the rest of the house is ready for summer.
 lots of white and powdery blues...
spacious with pockets of our favorite trinkets, rocks, and shells.
the billowing sheers in pollywogs room and the dining room
inhale and exhale with each passing breeze
and the overflowing mint garden sends the most
amazing aroma through the windows.