today was a busy day.
a full day at the preschool and a full evening at soccer.
pollywog played the goalie position and turns out she's pretty darn good.
the coach said, "well we've found our goalie"

i tried not to beam to proudly.
each time she blocked a ball she would look at me and wait for her thumbs up.
i remembered doing the same for cj twelve years ago...whoa.
saturday is the first game...a double header no less.
seems sleeping in on saturdays will be changing.
busy days are becoming more common round here.
spring is in the air so when i am not taking the boy shopping for new clothes,
or to his classes, or pollywogs soccer games, or working at the school, 
or attending my weekly zumba class, we tend to be outside riding bikes,
planting, watering the garden, and practicing soccer.
when we do find a pocket of quiet we do so enjoy those moments too.
what a sweet big brother
 yes, life is busy right now 
but luckily our busy times are times of connecting, observing, being present and joy.
lots of joy.