weekend catch-up

it seems i have less and less time at this space.
that usually happens when spring and summer arrive.
its been so beautiful out and we spend a tremendous amount of time outdoors.
nevertheless i still make time for pictures.
so here is what we have been up too.
1. Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market before the soccer game.
The lil' one got a lovely rainbow painted on her face that she ooo'd and aah'd over.
We also got some yummy strawberries, honey sticks, poc choi, and red lettuce.

2.  Soccer game!!! It was muggy out but the kids played hard knowing there was a 
birthday party after.

3. We went to one of the best kid's birthday parties I have ever been too.
It was all outdoors and there was a beautiful courtyard with tables and refreshments
and a large yard filled with rubber balls, tree swings and jubilant children.
After the festivities the kids played with the bday girl's toys in the lawn, while the grownups sat
on blankets sipping wine and beer and having wonderful conversation.

4. At the party there was a rope hung from a tree with a climbing carabiner.
The kids sat in climbing harnesses and got to swing really high.
It was a popular spot. Pollywog LOVED this! 
It looked like sooo much fun! At one point she had her arms outstretched like she was flying.

5. Her best buddy came to watch her play soccer.

6. Sunday morning we planted herbs. This spot is at the bottom 
of the stairs just outside the kitchen.
I can't wait to add these fresh herbs to our meals.

7. We also made a terrarium. We went exploring for, and found moss, rocks
and other items and plants she wanted to add.
She calls this her Fairy Garden.

8. Later in the afternoon I was reading on the sun porch and pollywog
was busying herself. When I asked what she was doing she said, 
"making a fairy ladder" (duh). She explained that the fairies
can climb the ladder/ribbon to get in and find her Fairy Garden.
There is a crumb a bread to attract them, and the chopstick is a shortcut for them.

9. floral arrangement all gathered from the yard

a wonderful day