First day of preschool

We had been preparing the previous week for the start of preschool. It helped that her cousin and her best friend had started school the previous week, and she wanted to be "just like them". She picked out a backpack, and knew the outfit she wanted for the first day. The weather was crisp and reminded me of my first days of school. She had a wonderful day! Her class size is small and cozy and her teacher is so sweet. She attends a few hours 4 days a week. It's the perfect amount of time for us both. They are focused on nurturing, and learning. The latter is very important to Pollywog who loves to learn! They work on letters and numbers, beginning to recognize words, fine motor skills, encouraging imagination and friendships. This week the theme was "friends". My favorite time of the day is picking her up and giving her an afternoon snack and hearing about her day! My little one is growing up so fast! I am treasuring each and every moment!