the garden::part II

Pollywog played hooky from preschool today to play in the garden with mommy! With such blissful weather and opportunities to learn it was an easy choice. She started the morning off with a special smoothie: Coconut milk, almond milk, a banana and a hint of chocolate...yummy.

then we headed out to the garden Pollywog was intrigued by the compost bin. We observed the micro-village inside and she was amazed that it was becoming dirt.

She helped mommy pull weeds and harvest all of the tomatoes (there were alot) and then got busy creating mud pies in the brick oven I made her.

I brought a blanket and a "garden bag" out filled with water, her sketchbook, markers, and her dishes and tea-set.

She spent hours playing,cooking, washing her dishes and even found some leaves that are currently being pressed out there.

It was wonderful being able to look up and see her sweet face and watch her enjoy the fresh air and playing with such joy.

I am loving my sun covered front porch! Right now I see a pink cape flapping behind a little girl, ahem I mean "super girl" I better get off this contraption.