i am thankful

I am thankful for the sunshine that special pockets of magic around my home. I am thankful for the cute pudgy cheeks that dimple when my little one smiles. I am thankful for her smiling face when I pick her up from school, the friendships she has made, the gentle kindness of her teachers, and special days like today when her class makes apple pie! I am thankful to be starting work at her preschool this week. The opportunity to nurture and teach precious little ones, be close to my little one and leave each day together hand and hand with adventures to share. I am thankful for my family. The special relationship my sister and I share that only sisters understand My mom's humor and innocence that brings joy to all those around her. My son's heart that I can see under the pile of teenage agnst. My neice and nephew and their unique personalities that I get to see grow and flourish. (***My nephew being old enough to join the adults at "Taboo" during my sisters party was special to watch and filled me with pride***) Pollywogs imagination, her love for snuggling and her sense of humor. My dad's legacy and the laughter he still provides us. I am thankful for the time I took today to go to spin class. Exercising makes me feel strong both physically and mentally- and - I need to feel strong. I am thankful that organically Monday evenings have become "library day", Wednesdays "swim day" and Fridays "nature adventures". This rhythm is important to Pollywog and therefore me. Also that I have stayed on my weekly dinner meal plan for three weeks now and it has cut down on my grocery budget and made evenings flow nicely. (***tonight is chicken strips (from Saveur magazine) and bake potatoes***) I am thankful for a renewed energy in my creative realm. Painting for my sister got the wheels spinning. I did a painting for my living room and I have big plans for starting my own etsy!!! I am thankful for the hope I have each day when I wake up. Hope that life will keep getting better. That my kids will be okay and happy. That the love, care, sacrifices and guidance I give them and have given them, mean something. Hope that time heals, love is the answer, humility is key, dreams do come true when you keep them in sight and work hard at them and that there is no one way to live so don't judge and don't compare.

I am thankful for the goals big and small I have each and every day. Because goals mean that you are living, moving forward, excited, willing and that there is a whole big world out there -waiting & happening- and that is pretty awesome!!!!