We have been so busy with the start of school and the pull of the outdoors. I have been working hard on creating a rhythm so that the days flow with flexibility and plenty of time to explore, create and be spontaneous. I have learned over the years that being organized and prepared allows for all of this. Creating a weekly meal plan has been one way I have gotten on top of my week. I write out meals for the following week as I come across interesting recipes, think of something I'd like to eat, or Pollywog comes up with a suggestion. I make a list of ingredients I will need and on Saturdays I do my shopping.
We have fish once a week, a crock-pot meal once a week, soup once a week, pizza on Saturdays, pasta once a week and then a fancier meal once a week. This rhythm has been helpful in meal planning and also dealing with activities that come up throughout the week so I can adjust meals accordingly. I also made a weekly flexible schedule for us to follow. This includes me getting up at the crack of dawn to work and get odds and ends done before Pollywog wakes. Eventually I hope to include me getting some fitness in at this time. This has helped our mornings to flow much nicer. After I take her to school I work a few more hours then in the afternoon we spend time together going for a walk, or playing outside. In the late afternoon I do one household chore such as laundry, or clean bathroom, mop kitchen, vacuum, etc...this assures my house stays clean. At 5 I start dinner and we usually eat by 6. After dinner when the kitchen is cleaned up we usually go for a bike ride. Then evenings we relax, play cards or color or watch a movie. Around 8 Pollywog sets out her clothes for school the next day. Then if its bath night she plays in the suds then read a bit before bed. This schedule has worked wonderfully! Fridays she doesn't have school so we have designated that Nature Day! We go for a hike and explore and we are starting a Nature Book for these days as well as collecting items for our nature table. It is nice to be able to be present in each moment rather than worrying what I need to get done or what activity we have that day. Pollywog is thriving and enjoying watching the seasons change.