i just stick out my chin, and grin...

Pollywog woke up this morning excited about her afternoon playtime with her cousin and literally most favorite person in tbe world. I think she even trumps me. When I picked her up from school she was bubbling with tales from her day at school, "mommy we are getting a class hamster!", "mommy I have homework" (something she has been longing for since seeing her cousin do hers)..."mommy I learned I like nachos today", "mommy I picked out a ballet slipper notebook from the treasure box today!" What an exciting day. Once home she opted to postpone her afternoon snack till cousin B arrived. "were gonna have treats together mommy." and they did...and a whirlwind of pretend, laughter, singing performances (my neice is a born performer! and the girls love to sing Annie songs) crafting and hugging followed.
blowing the trumphet for the princess arrival princess pollywog making crafts for the art wall a card the girls made for me

one of their many performances- pollywog just dancing away in her own little world...so sweet