grrreat grrray day

No school today! We had planned on our nature walk and working in the garden but it was cold and gray out so we just enjoyed each others company. making bacon and pancakes with our home-made playdough

the ever growing art wall

cookies and almond milk dipping party

working on "homework"

we had to decorate a life size pollywog for her classroom

Later that day we took a trip to the pet store to look at fish and frogs that Pollywog is saving for. I am contemplating a puppy for Christmas! She has been begging and begging me. She has a name, collar and dog bowl already picked out! :) Then she got to pick a special toy from the store for having filled up her responsibility chart. She has been doing so well with it. She asks to set the table every evening and works hard to fill up the chart. She picked out a princess coloring book and two fairys. She named one Rose and the other Marigold.

It was Pizza Friday and we shared our meal together by candlelight discussing plans to build the fairys a home with blocks, rocks and acorns, which we did after dinner.

happy weekend!