lazy Sunday

We have had a full and busy weekend.
Nature hikes, fires and family dinners, fall festivals and Kyoto drummers and lots of play time with cousins, grandma and bubbie. After waking up this morning with a bit of a chest cold I was ready to declare today a day of rest and relaxation. What better way to spend the day then go fish in bed perusing blogs, eating soup, sipping hot tea, catching up on stacks of books and snuggles with my little one. A day to play make-believe with dolls on the sun porch A day to create and make lists of craft ideas and adventures for the upcoming week. A day to listen to records and nap in sun patches.
Today I read an amazing story on a blog entitled Farmama. Its on my life left sidebar. Go to their story and read. It reminded me of shelved dreams. It reminded me that any endeavor you wish to create is possible but takes focus, hard-work, risk taking, and more hard-work. It reminded me just how important an intentional life is to me. One focused on sustainability, family, shared goals, and working on my own land, using my own two hands to build a life I have dreamed up. It reminded me to refocus on my dreams for the future and custom create them. For now though, I'm gonna just relax and watch my little one zoom around the room. ~Happy Sunday~