are bunnies grumpy?

What a grump bunny I have been lately. I can't seem to get myself out of the "grump funk."
I don't know why. I really don't have any good reasons, i guess.
I wake up feeling good, and then slowly I'm up to my knees in irritable.
Pollywog is at a stage right now that is sometimes tiring. I try to do fun, age appropriate crafts, but her attention span is still small. We read, we build with blocks, we dance, we play outside- watching the birds and filling the birdhouse with seed (this is her all time favorite thing to do)-

but she will at no point let me out of her sight. While I am trying to cook, or fold laundry, or go to the bathroom, she is below me arms waving begging to be held. Most of the day she is just plain cranky too. She is perfectly content to lay in my arms snuggling and nursing. She is cutting teeth and I tell myself this is just a phase. If I happen to sneak into the other room she is quickly looking for me, "mama, mama" and I cannot resist her sweet, little voice and she always runs to me arms outstretched like she hasn't seen me for days... gosh, when you think about it I guess its not all bad...I am actually pretty I am officially done being grumpy...for now.