Being a teenager is one of the hardest stages we go through in life.
Watching my son, who is just entering this stage- grow, learn, "find himself"- has reminded me how difficult and exciting it can sometimes be.
I try and make it a point to offer daily encouragement, support and to connect with him. This isn't always easy when the person looking across from you communicates via eye rolling and sighs of annoyance. But today we found common ground. A place where we could laugh together, high five each other and connect...all in the form of a video game. Guitar Hero, whodathunk?
I am addicted, mainly to getting to spend time with my boy who is evolving into a man.

This is a place I often go to hear words of encouragement, get ideas, parenting tips and even life tips. Go to show archive and pick the one that you want to listen to. You'll be glad you did.

This is a magazine he gets monthly that talks about issues he deals with. (they have one for girls too)

Here is a great book that we listened to on audio with CJ.

Everyday I realize more and more how precious and fleeting these moments are with our children. In a culture obsessed with growing up quickly then staying young's nice to just let them grow up on a pace that is right for them.
What a great gift our children are.
Thank you God!