Dangers of Canned Foods

It seems like there is always something dangerous, when it comes to foods.
I was just reading about canned foods and how they are finding dangerously high levels of toxic BPA. Here is an article that explains it further.
Although, it does seem like dangers are lurking around every corner, and we can't prevent everything...the simple solution is using non-packaged, non-processed foods and getting back to simple eating.
That is what we are trying to do around here.
Now I am going to start buying bags of dried beans and make home-made soups.
I think we are also going to can our own tomatoes this year, and maybe some fruits.
Here is a helpful list I found on this website
In the meantime, there are steps that we can take immediately to lessen our exposure to BPA:
  • Use a metal or glass water bottle
  • Limit your use of canned goods or choose canned foods from makers who don't use it, such as Eden Foods
  • Learn how to cook your own foods that you typically buy in cans -- like beans or chickpeas
  • Choose soups, milk and soy milk packaged in cardboard "brick" cartons, by Tetra Pak and SIG Combibloc, with safer layers of aluminum and polyethylene (#2) that can also be recycled
  • Use glass food storage containers instead of plastic
  • Use glass baby bottles or plastic bag inserts made of polyethyelene, or switch to non-clear polypropylene bottles that are labeled #5. Don't buy canned infant formula.
  • Eat fresh foods in season to reduce your consumption of canned goods
  • Buy or can your own foods in safe glass jars
  • Stop using plastic wrap and plastic containers to heat food in microwaves. Ceramic and glass are better.
  • Throw out any old and scratched plastic bottles or plastic containers
  • Buy organic wine since many commercial wines can have up to six times the amount of BPA than canned goods
  • Let your grocer store know you want BPA free cans and are boycotting those products with BPA in them.
  • and more helpful tips here