flea market finds

In the midst of my grumpiness (read last post)...I did manage to sneak away this afternoon to my all time favorite flea market. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this place. The way it smells, the items...My heart begins to swell and I feel like I am at my grandmothers house, or a little girl again, or with my dad. Everything reminds me of something. I walk into booths and can feel stories swirl around me. I wonder, who use to look in this mirror, what woman cooked in these old crockery pots, i bet the house that these embroidered pillowcases were in, was so cozy and warm. One booth in particular grabbed me. I felt my eyes begin to tear. This booth was overflowing with cowboy boots and hats, handmade wooden tool boxes, super old tools, old mexican blankets, and two paintings. I could almost picture the old man out in his shed working on stuff, tinkering. His whole life lay in the booth being sold. Suddenly I wanted to know him, I wanted to see his old, strong, wrinkled hands. I wanted my dad to get to be an old, wrinkled man.
I bet the man who made these things, never thought they would be enjoyed by my family.
What a small world we live in.

The cubby shelf I was super excited about. I squeezed some lemon into a couple tablespoons of olive oil and shined it up.
Great for pollywog's toys and other items.
The other two wooden boxes are handmade, one with a leather strap- maybe used as tool boxes?... Made a perfect spice rack. The old milk jug and cloth napkin were super cheap and very summery... The cubby was 35.00 , the boxes $3 and $4, the cloth napkin $1 and the milk jug (there were tons) $2.50